Please Help. PSP 2018 Problem with Plugins

#1 von Williamhawk , 03.11.2017 12:23

Hello Everyone,

I installed all 10 of the plugin dll files into System, System32, and SysWow. I placed several plugins into the plugin folder by following the folder's path indicated in preferences. None of the plugins show up.

I created a new folder of plugins and placed them all into there, then had plugin preferences point to that directory. None of the plugins show up.

I've been away from PSP for a long while and purchased the recent version but as far as I recall (and according to the instructions of one of the plugins), all you have to do is place/paste or extract the plugins to the plugin folder, as in there is no method for actually installing them because there is no installer. Am I correct?

So, it's been so long that I figured I must have forgotten, so I went looking for a tutorial on installing plugins. I found the Corel instructions that instructs you to install the Nik plugins, and I did that. I installed it to the plugin directory that I created, and Nik is the only plugin that shows up. But then Nik had an installer procedure - an executable program.

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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